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What is a plastic dryer machine?

plastic dryer machine

A plastic dryer machine, additionally described as a plastic particle drying out device, serves an important function in the manufacturing procedure of plastic products. Its main function is to get rid of moisture from plastic particles, ensuring the high quality of the last plastic items.

plastic material drier

Plastic particles, the raw products for plastic items, often tend to absorb moisture from the environment during storage space and transport. Moisture-laden plastic bits can result in issues in the completed items, such as warping and bubbles. For that reason, the plastic handling market relies upon plastic dryer machine devices to mitigate these problems during manufacturing.

1:Working Concept:

The plastic material drier operates by circulating hot air within its chamber. This warmed air is guided onto the surface area of the plastic bits, promoting the evaporation of wetness. Consequently, the plastic bits are completely dry and prepared for further handling.

Plastic granulator dryer

2:Structure Review:

A normal plastic material drier comprises several key components:

  • Receptacle: This component stores the plastic bits and features inner mesh parts for even heating.
  • Follower: It creates hot air, which is then flowed into the receptacle to assist in drying.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control System: This system monitors and changes drying-out parameters, making certain ideal conditions for various types of plastic bits.
  • Heating unit: Responsible for heating the air to generate hot air for drying the plastic bits effectively.

These elements work in tandem to accomplish the desired drying result for the plastic fragments.


Plastic granulator dryer are widely used in industries such as injection molding, extrusion, and impact molding. Their key function is to prepare plastic fragments for succeeding processing by removing wetness. By doing so, they help minimize defects in the final plastic items caused by wetness content.

In summary, plastic granulator dryer play a critical role in ensuring the high quality and integrity of plastic items by effectively drying out plastic bits and decreasing moisture-related flaws.