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Wensui Taps into Saudi Arabia’s Plastic Industry

The Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2023 exhibition has successfully concluded. The trade show was the largest event of the year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we were honored to participate for the first time. The exhibition was held in Riyadh from June 12 to 15. It provided a platform for Wensui to enter the Saudi Arabian market and set the stage for an exciting future.

Founded in 1990, Wensui is a leading supplier of auxiliary machines and automation systems for plastic molding and processing. The highly anticipated exhibition was the perfect opportunity for Wensui and Wiscon to tap in to Middle Eastern market. With Wensui’s six main product series, we curated a list of our best sellers to demonstrate at our booth. We showcased two different models of our granulators, air-cooled chillers, autoloaders, and proportional valve.

Throughout the four-day exhibition, we hosted daily material testing demonstrations which attracted a large group of audience. Sprues, runners and defects were fed into our WSGJ500 granulator via conveyor belt from the blown-film extrusion machine. Our granulator reduced the size of the plastic waste to a granule size of 5-10 mm. The plastic regrind was immediately reused for extrusion via our autoloader for conveying and feeding.

Our cutting-edge granulation and cooling technologies attracted a diverse range of customers and industry professionals. We received an overwhelming number of inquiries and meaningful conversations with participants. Our sales team was also able to explore potential partnerships which led to follow-up meetings and site visits.


If you missed us at the exhibition, watch the highlights below or click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUBpM5mBzXo

As the curtains close on the successful Saudi PPPP 2023 exhibition, we would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who took the time to visit us and demonstrated their interest in our products. We cannot wait to return. We hope to see you again in May next year for the Saudi Plastics and Petrochem 2024 exhibition.


Founded in 1990, Wensui is your one-stop shop for plastic auxiliary equipment. For more updates, follow us on social media.

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