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Wensui crusher, higher efficiency and quality

Wensui General Granulator

Wensui General Granulator is designed to recycle plastic, which process plastic waste and defective products, improve the efficiency of plastic recycling, reduce production costs, promote sustainable development and improve the productivity of enterprises.

General Granulator

Working Principle:

In the process of high-speed rotation of the movable knife and the fixed knife to form a tendency of relative motion,cuts the large pieces of products into small pieces,the sieve screen helps to control crushed plastic pallet dimension.

Wensui General Granulator consists of a motor, movable knife, fixed knife, screen, belt wheel and other parts. Among them, the WSGP model adopts a flake-type knife structure, different from claw knife and flat knife, flake-type is suitable for crushing common sheets, pipe, profile, plate and packaging materials and other plastic products.

Flake-type blade WSGP crusher performance characteristics:

  1. Adopting scientific and reasonable knife design. Energy saving, improved production efficiency and reduced operating costs.
  2. Movable and fixed knife clearance is adjustable. Adapt to the processing needs of different materials,improve the flexibility and efficiency of production.
  3. Equipped with several safety protection devices. Ensure safe operation and avoid accident.
  4. Adopt sealed bearing. Keep the bearing rotating longer service life.
Wensui Crusher

With the continuous development of the plastics industry, the crusher has received wider attention and importance, and its efficient and environmentally friendly processing not only helps to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and substandard products but also brings considerable economic benefits to enterprises. As a leading company in the plastic auxiliary equipment industry, Wensui Crusher continuously improves the performance and efficiency of its products to meet the market demand. Choosing Wensui Crusher is choosing a high-quality plastic crushing solution.