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V-series crusher,cost saving choice of enterprises

Heavy duty crusher

V-series powerful plastic crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment used for plastic products recycling, to make failed plastic products into reusable plastic granules or powder.

Heavy duty crusher

Working Principle:

V-series Heavy Duty Granulator is composed of a feeding hopper,crusher chamber,motor,screen and material storage bin.Products are feed from hopper go into the crushing chamber, with the function of motor,fixed blade and rotary blades reduce plastic product dimension.

V-Series crusher includes VGY–Claw type blades and VGD–Flat type blades.Even they have same structure,suit for different kind of plastic products.

VGY claw-type crusher is suitable for crushing hard plastics such as common plates, round bar materials, blockheads, ball shapes, etc.

VGD flat-type crusher works for sprues, flake material, soft rubber plastics, filamentous material, plastic bottles woven bags, etc.

In addition, the crusher also has the following performance characteristics: 

  1. Front blade design. Increase the blade cutting angle, improve the cutting efficiency, and make the moulding particles uniform shape, while reducing the generation of powder.
  2. The feeding hopper adopts a soundproof design. The inner layer is made of stainless steel and the outer layer is strengthened, which makes the mute effect well improved.
  3. European CE safety design standard is introduced.
  4. The cutter is made of high chrome alloy tool steelwith high hardness and wear resistance.
  5. Equipped with motor overload protector,isolation switch and safety switch to protect machine and operator.
  6. Compact structure,avoid material hiding, easy cleaning, easy usingand maintenance.

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