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Separate-hopper Autoloader helps enterprises to produce scientifically

Autoloader brings great convenience to manufacturers. Especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, automatic loaders are almost indispensable as they provide reliable solutions for material conveying and ensure an efficient and clean production process.

working principle:

The working principle of the automatic material loading machine is to form a certain negative pressure in the hopper cavity to suck the material into the hopper. When there is a shortage of material in the hopper, the contact switch that detects the material sends a signal to the microcomputer of the Autoloader. The microcomputer gives a signal to start the motor for vacuuming. The time and interval of each material transportation are set on the computer board and the signal is sent by the computer board. When the hopper is full of material, the contact switch for detecting the material will give a signal and the suction action will be terminated.

In addition, the Wensui loader also has the following performance characteristics:

  • Autoloader main body&hopper separately design. Ensures safety, and easier operation.
  • Independent filtration device. Independent filtering device to facilitate dust removal and improve work efficiency.
  • Stainless steel hopper, improves the corrosion resistance of equipment and ensures the hygiene and safety of transportation.
  • Alarm for overload and material shortage. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent alarm system to prevent abnormal situations and ensure safe operation.
  • Induction high-pressure blower. Induction-type high-pressure blower is introduced to reduce noise and extend service life, which is suitable for both new and recycled materials.
  • Certified to European CE standards. Provide users with high-quality, safe choices.

Usage and precautions:

  • The Autoloader should be cleaned regularly. First, stop the operation of the Autoloader, then disassemble the filter guard, remove the filter, blow with an air gun, and Proceed to assemble.
  • When using the suction machine, you should pay attention to checking whether the suction pipe is inserted into the raw material.
  • Frequency check sealing situation, whether the filter needs exchange or not

Wensui Intelligent Equipment Inc. has been rooted in the industry for 30 years with a professional and dedicated attitude. We’re here for suitable autoloader recommendations. We offer what you need.

With its advanced technology, intelligent control system and reliable design, the Autoloader has become an indispensable part of modern industrial production. Choosing the Wensui Autoloader is not only an innovation in the production method but also a wise investment in the future development of the enterprise. Let us join hands to move towards a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable industrial era and write a successful future together.