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How to mix plastic resin with color mixer?

With the continuous technological progress of plastics processing, the implementation of color mixer for material blending has become increasingly more important. The Wensui WSQA Horizontal Color Mixer is the ideal choice for plastics processors with its excellent performance and efficient mixing capability.

color mixer for material

Working Principle:

WSQA mixer consists of horizontal paddles, electrical box, worm gear, hand wheel, reducer, pressure bag and other components.

The mixer is designed with rotating paddles, mixing the materials quickly and evenly. It is suitable for all types of plastic granule mixing.

Featuring a simple structural design, the WSQA mixer offers material mixing uniformly and evenly. The Wensui mixer is one of the important supporting equipment for injection moulding and extrusion machines.


  • The barrel and paddles are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and avoid rusting.
  • The barrel can be tilted at 100 degrees, convenient for unloading.
  • Interlocking safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the operator and machine equipment.
  • The timer can choose the mixing time between 0-30 minutes.
WSQA mixer

Plastic Mixer Supplier

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