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WSGJ Silent Crusher, a new solution to your production crushing challenges

The WSGJ Silent Strong Plastic Crusher Series utilizes advanced technology and design principles to effectively integrate crushing efficiency and noise control. In comparison to conventional crushers, WSGJ Silent Crushers considerably diminish the noise produced during the crushing process, thereby establishing a quieter and more comfortable working environment for users.

wsgj crusher

Product Introduction:

The Silent industrial plastic crusher series is designed with a unique internal heat conduction system. This system effectively prevents the heat generated by the motor from entering the machine, thus prolonging the motor’s lifespan. Additionally, the machine is fully enclosed, creating a soundproof environment with the use of high-density sound insulation materials. Furthermore, it is equipped with a safety protection system and optional CE certification for electrical appliances, ensuring compliance with European safety standards.


1. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: We utilize high-efficiency noise reduction technology and dust collection devices to decrease energy consumption and pollution.

2. Efficient and speedy: Our blade design is well-thought-out, resulting in high crushing efficiency and enabling rapid processing of large quantities of waste materials.

3. Enhanced resource utilization: We transform waste materials into reusable resources, thereby improving the utilization of resources.

4. Safe and dependable: Our equipment is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the operators’ safety.

Silent industrial plastic crusher

How to keep the noise cancellation feature?

1.Sound insulation materials: Install sound insulation materials inside or outside the casing, such as sound insulation panels and sound-absorbing cotton, to block the propagation of noise and reduce the radiation and transmission of noise.

2.Fully enclosed structure: The body is designed with a fully enclosed structure to block the transmission and diffusion of noise. The noise outside the range of 1 meter around the machine is below 80dB, and it also prevents dust pollution.

3.Vibration damping treatment: By installing vibration damping pads, vibration damping feet, and other vibration damping devices, the propagation of machine vibrations can be effectively reduced. This helps isolate the noise sources and minimize the generation of noise.

4.Regular maintenance: It is important to regularly maintain the crusher equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition. Regularly inspect the fastening of the motor and transmission parts, and promptly repair any damaged parts to minimize noise generation.


 The Silent Crusher is a new type of crushing equipment that possesses high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental-friendly characteristics. It also effectively reduces noise pollution, meeting the standards of modern environmental protection. Silent crushers are suitable for various industries as they can convert a significant amount of waste materials into reusable resources, thereby enhancing resource utilization. During usage, it is crucial to prioritize equipment maintenance and safe operation to ensure its proper functioning.

If you have any questions or need further product information about the WSGJ multi-function silent power crusher series, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service team of Wensui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We will gladly offer you professional advice and services to assist you in making well-informed decisions.