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The Importance of Medium Speed Granulator for Plastic Recycling

WSGM granulator

With the increasing awareness of plastic consumption and environmental protection, recycling equipment such as granulators or crushers are becoming more important. The Wensui WSGM medium speed granulator has been widely used in the field for plastic scrap recycling.

WSGM medium speed granulator

What is a WSGM granulator?

The WSGM granulator is a medium speed model, designed for injection molding scrap recycling. This type of scrap refers to the plastic waste generated during the production of injection molding, including sprues, runners, and gates. After material feeding, the granulator is compact and robust to crush different plastic waste. The plastic regrinds can be reused and reintegrated.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for plastic recycling.
  • Crushing at a medium speed.
  • Ideal to downsize and recycle sprues and runners.
  • O espaço é pequeno.
  • Minimal powder and dust, and low energy consumption.
  • Manutenção e limpeza não exigem ferramentas especiais
  • Vários recursos de segurança


The WSGM granulator can be used to process flexible and rigid plastic materials such as nylon and ABS. It is commonly used to crush plastic sprues and runners. Featuring a compact design, the WSGM granulator model is perfect for placement beside an injection molding machine. As a result, plastic scrap recycling can be achieved conveniently and efficiently.

Medium Speed Granulator

Supplier of Medium Speed Granulator

The Wensui Group has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the plastics and rubber industry. At Wensui, we supply granulators ranging from beside-the-press to heavy duty crushers. We offer more than 50 granulator models. Find your next granulator at Wensui.