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Cyclone System with Dust Collection

RFS Cyclone Collector

In modern industrial production, dust generation and resource waste from plastic processing are two urgent problems that need to be addressed. The RFS cyclone system with dust collection offers excellent performance, providing an ideal solution for these issues.

Cyclone Collection System

Cyclone Collection System

The Wensui RFS cyclone system is a device specifically designed for dust and debris collection that get generated from plastic recycling production. The RFS system automatically collects dust particles to mitigate environmental pollution while keeping the production site clean. Another benefit is that the crushed material often contains fine particles, which can be recovered through the RFS system. This not only reduces resource waste by allowing for reuse but also enhances production efficiency by minimizing manual involvement in the automated recycling process. Integrating a cyclone system with your size reduction machine is a quick and easy way for material collection.

Cyclone System

Benefits of RFS Cyclone System

  • Recycling automation:

After crushing, the regrinds are automatically collected through the RFS system without the need for manual intervention. To optimize automation, the cyclone system also helps to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

  • Reduce dust dispersion:

The system features an upgraded configuration for dust collection. The design of the inner screen effectively reduces the emission of dust, keeping the work environment clean and dust-free.

  • Material quality:

All parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel materials, ensuring high quality of regrinds without contamination.

  • Efficient screening capacity:

The inner layer of the storage hopper features a 3mm mesh screen to effectively filter out dust.

  • Reduce air pollution:

Installing upper and lower dust removal bags at the exhaust port to significantly reduce air pollution.

  • Resource reuse:

The regrinds can be reclaimed and reuses immediately upon collection. Through size reduction, plastic materials are recycled to reduce the consumption of raw materials and operational costs.


Specifications of RFS Cyclone System

RFS cyclone system

Material Cyclone System Provider

The RFS cyclone system offers efficient material collection with an added dust-free feature. The system helps recyclers to preserve precious materials while keeping the regrinds and the production site clean from dust. At Wensui, we supply cyclone systems for specific granulator integration. All applications are different. Share your recycling concerns with us and we will provide a sustainable solution to you.

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