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Wensui serves as your all-inclusive source for plastic auxiliary equipment, featuring six primary product lines and an impressive array of over 300 models. Discover a versatile range of solutions, meeting diverse needs and ensuring a one-stop destination for all your plastic processing requirements.

Inovação de fronteira

In Wensui's cutting-edge research center, we uphold stringent product standards, continually advancing through technological innovation. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products consistently meet and exceed high expectations, providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of plastic auxiliary equipment.

Aliança Estratégica

For three decades, Wensui has cultivated enduring relationships with renowned partners, fostering trust and shared success. Our commitment to collaboration has been pivotal in building lasting connections, contributing to the growth and recognition of Wensui as a trusted ally in the industry.

Sobre nós

Veja o que fizemos para nossos clientes!

Wensui specializes in plastic peripheral equipment for more than 35 years. Our range of products covers all aspects in plastic molding and recycling industry. Such as plastic shredder,plastic crusher,industrial dehumidifier,plastic dryer,color mixer,vacuum autoloader,water chiller,robotic arm.From development, fabrication, sales to service, we are your nearby partner you can trust.

Pesquisa e desenvolvimento avançados

Fostering a skilled team, mastering core technology, and advancing software and control systems are integral to our commitment at Wensui. We strive to cultivate a professional workforce, ensuring expertise in cutting-edge technology and continuous development of innovative software and control systems.

Seu sucesso é nosso orgulho

Wensui provides a variety of product lines alongside a distinct and well-defined vision. With a diverse range of offerings, our clear vision guides us in delivering innovative solutions, meeting the evolving needs of our customers and positioning Wensui as a leader in the industry.

Nosso serviço

Nós fornecemos serviços aos nossos clientes!

Indústria de resíduos sólidos

Prepared to handle various waste management challenges at any time.

Home indústria de eletrodomésticos

Enables the manufacturing of high-quality white appliances.

Indústria de suprimentos médicos

Adheres to the highest standards, drawing from 35 years of enriched experience.

Indústria de embalagens

Provides comprehensive equipment to maintain the freshness of food.

Indústria de autopeças

Applied in a broad spectrum of automotive applications.

Produtos e serviços

Your all-in-one source for plastic auxiliary machines.

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História de sucesso

Over the past three decades, Wensui has sold countless auxiliary machines to all over the world. like bottle crusher machine,industrial plasctic shredder, plastic material dreyers ,dehumidifying dryer,water chiller machine,injection molding robots,mold temperature controller,color mixer machine,hopper loader…. We are proud to share successful installations for different applications.
we help our clients to increase their operational efficiency, safety, and quality.

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Tony Burnett Nome

A equipe de vendas respondeu rapidamente à minha pergunta. Fiquei profundamente impressionado com o profissionalismo e o atendimento ao cliente. Também é um ótimo produto.

Fernando Ortiz Nome

Eu acidentalmente encontrei Wen Sui em uma feira comercial. Estou muito interessado em suas máquinas verdes. Existem muitos tipos de produtos e modelos completos. Eles têm tudo que você precisa.

Peter Miex. Nome

Eu tenho trabalhado com Wen Sui por 7 anos. Ao longo dos anos, construímos um forte relacionamento. Tenho orgulho de ser um dos seus parceiros.

T. Radha Nome

Eles compraram seu equipamento de desumidificação três-em-um há alguns anos. Ótimo design e eficiência. Se necessário no futuro, comprarei outro de Wen Sui.