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Wensui stands as a comprehensive destination for plastic auxiliary equipment, providing tailored solutions for solid waste management. Our diverse product line caters to the crusher machine, plastic shredder,dehumidifying dryer, plastic material dryers, chiller industrial, mold heater, robots arm,vertical color mixer and plastic vacuum loaders. 

With six series and over 300 models, we meticulously inspect every detail from research and development to the final product, ensuring superior quality that surpasses customer expectations. 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification and CE certification for Wensui products.

Robot Arm

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Robot arms collect products from the injection molding machine and place them precisely in a designated location. Wensui has light- and heavy-duty robot arms with different number of axes.

wensui plastic crusher

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Ranging from heavy duty granulators to low-speed granulators, Wensui has a wide range of size reduction machines. Wensui granulators are commonly used to process plastic sprues, purgings, pipes, and other plastics products. All granulators can be paired with a cyclone collection.

wensui plastic dryer

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Dryers provide a drying process to hygroscopic plastics whereas the dehumidifiers remove the moisture within the plastics. This series features one of Wensui’s signature products – VMD 3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer.

color mixer

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Color mixers provide an efficient mixing process, and their mixing screws provide an even blending. The mixers are suitable for plastic materials, virgin materials, and color masterbatches.

plastic autoloader

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Wensui has five types of autoloaders for different purposes such as Stand-alone Autoloaders and Multi-hopper loaders.

wensui water chiller

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The chillers provide a cooling process to the plastic molds to prevent them from shrinking and distorting. The heaters are equipped with high-quality and effective pumps to comply with the required molding temperature.