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WSAL Separate-hopper Autoloader

wsal autoloader

Autoloader is a type of conveying equipment widely used in various industries for material transfer. There are two types of autoloaders: Stand-alone and Separate-hopper loaders. The loaders are usually used in conjunction with dryers to handle plastic materials. Using a loader can eliminate manual labour of adding more materials. The loaders are also ideal for dust removal and collection.

Separate-hopper Autoloader

Today we are introducing the WSAL Separate-hopper Autoloader under the Wensui group. The WSAL loader series is specifically designed for the production of plastic products in injection molding workshops, perfectly solving problems such as dust overflow during feeding. It is also the preferred equipment for pharmaceutical and food factories to pass GMP certification and civilized production.

WSAL loader

Compared to the Stand-alone Autoloader, Separate-hopper series adopts main unit and hopper separation design, making maintenance more convenient and easy to clean and repair.At the same time, the independent filtering device is convenient for removing accumulated dust and effectively reducing dust blockage of the high-pressure blower, reducing the load on the blower.


Product Features:

  • Adopting a microcomputer control system to achieve precise work control, the operation panel is equipped with work status indicator lights, which can clearly understand the operation of the machine.
  • When there is a shortage of materials or a malfunction occurs, a humanized alarm prompt will appear and a high-frequency flashing light alarm device will be equipped.
  • The stainless steel hopper combined with the hopper filter design not only makes machine cleaning convenient and fast, but also avoids secondary pollution of raw materials.
  • Adopting induction high-pressure blower, it has the advantages of low noise and long motor lifespan.
  • Wyposażony w funkcję czyszczenia wstecznego pompy

Stand-alone loader

At Wensui Group, we prioritize the actual needs of our customers in our product quality, achieving market leadership through continuous technological innovation and improvement. Discover our high-quality Separate-hopper Autoloader today, designed perfectly to meet your production requirements.