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What factors affect the customization of plastic crusher machine?

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This guide is tailored for individuals new to plastic crusher machine or those seeking a deeper understanding of these industrial crushing machine. plastic crusher machine vary in size, specifications, and price. Different types of blades are required for crushing various materials. How do you select the right combination? To enhance production capacity and automation, Wensui Group as a plastic crusher manufacturer, outlines the key factors involved in customizing plastic crushing machine below. 

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1. Choosing the Right Model: Select a model based on the amount of material you need to crush per hour. Plastic crushing machine come in models like 230, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 800. If the required model is unavailable, custom production can be arranged. 

2.Selecting the Appropriate Blades: Different materials require different blade types for efficient and uniform crushing:

  • Plastic Films: Use an eight-shaped knife. 

  • Thick and Hard Materials: Employ a claw knife type.

  • Blow Molding, Extrusion, and Blow Molding Products: Utilize a flat knife type.

  • Ordinary Plastic Products: Use a blade 

3.Matching Auxiliary Equipment: Depending on your needs, various auxiliary equipment can be paired with industrial crusher to enhance production and automation. Compatible equipment includes: 

  • Vertical plastic granule mixers 

  • Horizontal powder mixers 

  • Screw feeders 

  • Automatic suction machines

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4.Summary of Customization Factors:The main factors influencing the customization of plastic industrial crusher machineinclude:

  • Model and Hourly Output: Choose a model that fits your production requirements.

  • Blade Types: Select blades suited to the materials you are processing. 

  • Auxiliary Equipment: Integrate additional machinery to streamline and automate production.

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Understanding these factors will help you coordinate with manufacturers regarding production timelines, logistics, delivery, and pricing. This knowledge will also aid in communicating more effectively about product specifications and requirements.