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How to Choose Water or Oil Injection Mold Temperature Controller Machines?

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Choosing between a water-temperature controller machine and an oil-temperature controller machine requires a thorough understanding of their unique features and applications. 

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Water temperature controller machines rely on water as the primary heat transfer medium. Water’s notable characteristics include a high specific heat capacity and rapid heat transfer rate. These properties translate into efficient heat exchange within the system. However, water temperature machines typically have a restricted temperature control range, with the maximum operational temperature capped at 180 degrees Celsius.

In contrast, oil mold temperature controller utilize high-temperature thermal oil for heat transfer. Thermal oil offers excellent thermal stability and a significantly broader temperature control range, reaching up to 350 degrees Celsius. This extended temperature range makes oil mold temperature controller suitable for applications requiring higher temperatures. However, it’s essential to note that oil temperature machines operate under pressurized conditions, imposing higher pressure on the pipeline system. Consequently, they necessitate robust pressure resistance in the pipeline infrastructure. 

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While both types of mold temperature machine function similarly by circulating the heat transfer medium to maintain temperature control, several key considerations can influence the choice between them: 

  1. Required Equipment Control Temperature: Evaluate the temperature requirements of your specific application. Determine whether the temperature range falls within the capabilities of a water temperature machine or necessitates the broader range offered by an oil temperature machine. 

  2. Pipeline System Conditions: Assess the pressure level and system requirements of your pipeline infrastructure. Consider the compatibility of the chosen machine with your existing pipeline setup, including pressure tolerance and compatibility with materials. 

  3. Environmental Requirements: Consider any environmental factors that may impact the operation of your application equipment. These include ambient temperature, humidity levels, and potential exposure to corrosive substances or contaminants. 

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By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on whether a water-temperature controller machine or an oil-temperature controller machine best suits your specific needs and operational requirements.