WSQD Plastic Raw Materials Drying Color Mixer

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WSQD Plastic Raw Materials Drying Color Mixer

Temperature and timer are convenient and easy to set.

Materials are mixed in a sealed chamber with double-layered insulations.

The interior and exterior of the barrel are made of stainless-steel for easy maintenance.

Designed with overloading protection.

WSQD Drying Color Mixer
WSQD Drying Color Mixer
Model Power Capacity(kg) Rotating Speed(r/min) Dimension L×W×H(cm) Net Weight(kg)
WSQD-50 7.5 10 50 480 117×83×135 230
WSQD-100 15 20 100 480 134×98×152 270
WSQD-200 30 40 200 400 171×120×171 700

Power supply: 3Φ 380VAC 50Hz

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.