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What is a 3-in-1 Dehumidifying Dryer?

Drying equipment is used to dry and prepare plastic resins for plastic processing. The dehumidifying dryer is 3-in-1, combing the features of dehumidifying, drying and conveying within one unit. The dehumidifier is popular for its efficient energy use, environmental friendliness and versatility. With the development of the plastics processing industry, the requirements for product quality and performance are getting higher. During plastic processing, moisture in raw materials is one of the main reasons that causes product quality problems. The Wensui VMD dehumidifying dryer is perfect for consistent resin drying and dehumidifying.

Dehumidifying Dryer

작업 Principles

The VMD 3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer integrates three functions of dehumidification, drying and feeding. The unit operates in the following stages:

Dehumidifying: Through the closed circulation system, the air is fully dehumidified and heated to reduce the humidity to the desired level. This step effectively removes moisture from raw material.

Drying: The dehumidified air is heated to a specific temperature, and a sealed circulation is carried out in the drum to dry the internal moisture in the raw materials to the required level.

Conveying: The raw materials that have been dried are automatically transported to the injection molding machine to ensure the dryness of the raw materials and improve the quality and performance of the products.


The Wensui VMD 3-in1 dehumidifying dryer is widely used in the plastic processing industry, especially for engineering plastic raw materials with strong hygroscopicity, such as PA, PET, PC, PBT, etc. During the injection molding process, the humidity of the plastic raw material directly affects the quality of the molded product. By using the 3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer, the moisture in the raw materials can be effectively removed and the occurrence of quality problems such as product shrinkage and bubbles can be reduced.

dew point display

Unique Features

  1. LCD 모니터와 키보드로 구성된다.
  2. 이중 응축기는 더 낮은 환풍 온도와 -40 °C 이하의 이슬점을 제공합니다(냉각수를 위한 -50 °C).
  3. 유라벨 보온 건조 호퍼를 사용하면 보온성이 더 좋아지고 건조 효율도 더 높아진다.
  4. Fully sealed feeding system to prevent dried material from contacting open air and being re-damped.And discharge valve ensures no residual materials in hopper tubes.
  5. PLC control with enhanced configuration is optional for feeding up to five molding machines.
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Drying Equipment Supplier

We offer 10 models of VMD 3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer with low to high capacities. We have over 35 years of experience in the plastic and rubber industry. Whether you have hygroscopic or non-hygroscopic materials, we have the right drying equipment for you. Share your requirements with us and we will deliver the perfect drying solution for your plastic processing production.