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What is plastic crusher?

plastic crusher

A plastic crusher is designed for crushing numerous plastic and rubber products, consisting of accounts, tubes, rods, strings, films, and waste rubber items. The resulting pellets can be straight squeezed out and utilized as resources in production.
The impact of process specifications like turning speed, feed fragment dimension, feeding rate, and electrical outlet position on the squashing impact was investigated through experiments on plastic squashing.Examining the structural residential or commercial properties and characteristics of plastic powder, a brand-new perspective suggests that this squashing impact belongs to a breakable crack. This plastic crusher efficiently refines defective items and sprue materials produced throughout raw material production by shot molding makers or granulators.

tough plastic crusher

Identifying plastic crusher:

( 1) Tough Plastic Crusher:

Suitable for squashing and recycling ABS, PE, PP boards, and other comparable materials.

Distinctively developed rectangular feeding port for effectively squashing plate materials, enhancing work efficiency.

An optional suction fan and storage container can create a plate squashing and reusing system for ideal effectiveness.

It utilizes sealed bearings for long-term bearing rotation, and the blade form makes sure of even granulation with a heat-shrunk, aesthetically pleasing blade base.

( 2) Powerful Plastic Crusher:

Blade knife framework between claw blade and flat knife, perfect for squashing plastic items like sheets, pipelines, profiles, and product packaging products.

General-purpose plastic crusher with closed bearings for extended functional life.

Reasonably designed blade form utilizing alloy steel blades for granulation, with a heat-shrunk, elegantly made knife base.

( 3) Plastic Pipeline Plastic Crusher:

Specially designed for crushing various little and medium-sized plastic pipelines, including PE, PVC, and silicon core pipelines.

Uniquely created round tube feeding port to effectively squash pipeline materials, boosting work performance.

An optional suction fan and storage space container can produce a pipe-crushing and reusing system for optimum performance.

It makes use of sealed bearings for extensive bearing turning, and the blade design also guarantees granulation with a heat-shrunk, visually pleasing knife base.

powerful crusher

Plastic Crusher: Features and Applications

Time-saving Effectiveness:Allows immediate recycling within 30 seconds, removing the requirement for central crushing and ensuring a tidy procedure.

High-quality Improvement:Reusing nozzle materials without delay prevents high-temperature oxidation and humidity absorption, protecting physical buildings. This fast recycling within 30 seconds reduces physical toughness loss, minimizing damage to color and gloss.

Cost-Efficient:Short-term recycling protects against contamination and flaws triggered by product mixing, reducing waste and losses in plastic, labor, monitoring, warehousing, and procurement funds.

Functional Usage:Suited for crushing and recycling a large range of soft and hard materials such as PU, PVC, COMPUTER, ABC, and much more.

Simplicity in Layout:Easy to use layout with simple disassembly, assisting in shade and product changes. The portable framework inhabits very little space, making it optimal for small workshops alongside the key machine.