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What is the Application of Gravimetric Mixers in Extruder Batching?

Gravimetric Mixers

In modern industrial production, extruders play a crucial role in various industries, including plastics, rubber, and food processing. The accuracy of its ingredients significantly influences the performance of an extruder. A gravimetric mixer, known for its efficiency in ingredient mixing, is essential for enhancing both the production efficiency and product quality of an extruder.

plastic Gravimetric Mixers

1.Working Principle.

A gravimetric mixer uses advanced weighing technology to precisely control the input of different raw materials precisely, ensuring an accurate mixture. Its working principle involves three main processes: material weighing, mixing, and unloading.

2.Structural Features. 

A weighing mixer typically consists of the following components:

  •  Weighing System: Equipped with high-precision sensors to guarantee accurate material weighing.
  • Mixing System: Utilizes optimally designed mixing blades and barrels to achieve uniform material mixing.
  • Control System: Features intelligent design for automated control of the batching process.
color weighing mixer

3.Application Process.

During the extruder batching process, the gravimetric mixer is usually integrated with the extruder’s control system. The batching ratio is set according to production requirements, and the weighing system accurately weighs the raw materials. These materials are then sent to the mixing system for thorough mixing and stirring before being fed into the extruder for production.

4.Application Advantages.

  •  Accurate Batching: The high-precision weighing technology ensures the accurate input of various raw materials, maintaining precise batching ratios.
  • Improved Production Efficiency: The automated control system reduces manual intervention, speeding up the batching process and enhancing the extruder’s production efficiency.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Accurate batching ratios ensure product uniformity and stability, leading to improved product quality and higher customer satisfaction.


When using a weighing mixer for extruder batching, consider the following points:

  • Weighing System Accuracy: Regularly calibrate sensors to maintain the accuracy and stability of the weighing system.
  • Appropriate Mixing Equipment: Choose suitable mixing blades and barrels based on the material characteristics to avoid adhesion and residue.
  • Control System Stability: Ensure the control system operates stably and updates its software and hardware as needed to prevent failures.
plastic weighing mixer


To ensure the normal operation and longevity of a gravimetric mixer, regular maintenance is necessary:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean the equipment’s surface and interior to prevent material residue and contamination.
  • Component Inspection: Check and tighten connections of all components to ensure stable operation.
  • Key Component Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain crucial components such as sensors and motors to ensure they function correctly.

Gravimetric mixers are indispensable in extruder batching, contributing to precise ingredient control, improved production efficiency, and enhanced product quality. By following the outlined usage precautions and maintenance practices, users can ensure optimal performance and longevity of their weighing mixers, thereby achieving superior production outcomes.