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How to use plastic crusher machine security?

plastic crusher machine

Before Usage: Inspection and Upkeep of Plastic bottle Crusher.

  • Ensure all electric motor, reducer, hydraulic combining, equipment head, and tail connections are full, undamaged, and fastened. Check for oil leakage in the reducer and hydraulic tool shaft joints.
  • Ensure signals are sensitive and trusted; the maker shouldn’t be turned on without a signal. Maintain the spray sprinkler gadget in good condition.
  • Neatly hang power cables and operating cables to prevent squeezing.
  • Tidy coal, gangue, debris, and coal dirt near the motor and reducer at the equipment head.
  • Ensure the overlap between the head of the working surface area scraper conveyor and the tail of the transfer maker is appropriate.
  • Inspect and readjust the rigidity of the scraper chain plate.
  • Ensure the security and reliability of taking a trip cart of the transfer machine.
  • Check for irregular sounds and twisted parts when activating the transfer device’s bridge body.
  • Examine the crusher and passage support for honesty and firmness.
  • Confirm the security protection web and security device on the crusher are without deformation and ensure safety and reliability.
  • Ensure the tunnel assistance at the transfer machine and crusher is undamaged and firm.
Plastic Crusher shredder

Throughout Use: Tips for Operating the Plastic Crusher shredder .

  • Switch on the power grid button.
  • Perform a trial run utilizing the jog switch.
  • Beginning and idle the machine for 1 to 2 times.
  • Integrate the operation of the transfer device and crusher.
  • Check for problems and send a power-on signal.
  • Ensure no abnormal resonances, typical audio, moisture, and temperature levels are within specifications during the procedure.
  • Keep chain stress on the transfer machine, preventing chain jamming or avoiding it.
  • Never replace the damaged fusible plug with timber or other products.
  • Frequently inspect and preserve the undamaged safety web security gadget on the crusher.
  • Maintain security devices like tail protection on the transfer aircraft undamaged.