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How great wensui plastic crusher is ?

Given its inception in 1990, Wensui group has been a leader in producing plastic crushers machine, establishing itself as a leader in the plastic industry. For more than 34 years, our dedication to technology and modern technology improvement has driven continual improvements to Wensui crushers, ensuring first-class performance and enhanced customer contentment.

Equaling the evolving landscape of technology, our crushers machine have undergone consistent upgrades to better deal with the varied demands of our customers. We’ve developed crusher machine plastic with specific functions to supply tailored solutions in response to numerous usage situations.

Let me take you on a brief introduction to the globe of Wensui crushers!

crusher machine plastic

Wensui’s V Series Heavy Duty Crusher

This impressive series is categorized into Claw and Flat, showcasing a versatile application array. These crushers considerably increase cutting efficiency with a front blade layout that enhances the reducing angle. The result? Evenly formed bits, minimizing plastic material powder post-crushing.

The V Series comes with a soundproofed hopper, ensuring a serene operation. Its inner layer, built from stainless steel, coupled with a reinforced outer layer, adds to a highly reliable sound reduction. Accepting a smooth and practical look, this crusher sticks to European CE safety style standards.

Crafted from high-chromium alloy tool steel, the blades demonstrate phenomenal sturdiness and use resistance. The adjustable blade expansion length attribute is noteworthy, giving versatility for numerous requirements. Safety and security are focused on several security gadgets integrated into its small structure. This crusher does not hide materials, streamlining the cleaning procedure, and verifies to be user-friendly with simple maintenance.

general crusher

Wensui’s WSGP/GD General Crusher

where the distinction depends on the unique blades housed within the crushing chamber.

The WSGP crusher flaunts a blade design that drops between the claw and flat blades. This structure makes it ideal for crushing a vast array of plastic products consisting of routine sheets, pipes, accounts, plates, packaging materials, and sprue openings.

On the other hand, the WSGD-level crusher is specifically created for reusing plastics like boxes, slim pipeline installations, blow-molded components, containers, and coverings.

Both WSGD and WSGP crushers have a well-balanced knife design, ensuring even granulation, power efficiency, and durability. The flexible void between the relocating and fixed knives contributes to the flexibility of these crushers. Safety and security are a top concern, with multiple security devices in place to ensure safe procedures.

What sets the general-purpose plastic crusher apart is the adoption of covered bearings, promoting lasting, smooth turning. Maturity in processing technology appears, with critical parts such as the box body and tool holder being integrally processed to ensure precision and accuracy.

soundproof crusher

Wensui’s WSGJ Soundproof Crusher

Wensui’s WSGJ Soundproof Crusher boasts a completely confined and quiet design that redefines operational serenity. The extensive double-layer noise insulation, loaded with premium sound insulation cotton, guarantees that sound within a 1-meter radius around the equipment stays listed below 80dB while efficiently protecting against dirt contamination.

This crusher incorporates a distinctly created interior warm conduction system, efficiently dissipating motor-generated warmth while maintaining a completely enclosed structure. This development contributes to a prolonged electric motor life span.

Safety and security take the spotlight with the integrated security protection system and the alternative for CE-certified electric home appliances, assuring full compliance with rigorous European security standards. Adding a phase sequence controller alleviates the danger of adverse consequences from the motor turnaround, while a power seclusion button boosts both comfort, safety, and security throughout upkeep and procedure.

film crusher

Wensui’s WSGE Film Crusher

Wensui’s WSGE film Crusher is tailor-made for crushing and reusing PE, PP, and other film materials. This film crusher is specially made for circumstances including film materials rather than huge plastic malfunctioning items. It sticks out with its scissor-shaped device owner framework, boosting its capacity for crushing film  materials.

Versatility is crucial, as the space between the moving and fixed blades is adjustable, permitting modification based on specific needs. Safety and security are focused on incorporating several safety and security defense gadgets.

The WSGE Film Crusher supplies optional attributes such as a suction follower and storage barrel for a much more extensive option. These components develop a film-crushing and reusing system when integrated, raising recycling efficiency to new elevations. Experience a smooth integration of design and capability with Wensui’s WSGE Film Crusher, where advancement satisfies precision in film product recycling.

Wensui’s Beside-the-press slow-speed crushers, including the WSGO and WSGL models:

beside the press crusher

WSGO Slow-Speed Beside-the-press Crusher:

Screenless Design: This crusher is identified by its screenless layout, promoting uniform bit size, very little powder, and no dirt pollution.

Taiwan Gear Reducer: Geared up with a robust Taiwan equipment reducer, providing considerable torque, extraordinary high quality, and a prolonged life span.

Integrated Cutter Style: Including toothed cylindrical movable claw cutters and claw-shaped claw cutters made integratively, enabling simultaneous crude and great crushing.

Smooth Procedure: A combination of the gear reducer and main shaft connection ensure smooth operation with low noise throughout the crushing process.

User-Friendly Design: The hopper and box are quickly available for opening and cleaning, boosting general ease.

wsgl crusher

WSGL Beside-the-press Crusher:

Low-Speed Procedure: This low-speed crusher produces marginal noise, uniform bits, and reduced powder.

Taiwan Equipment Reducer: Comparable to the WSGO, it integrates a reputable Taiwan gear reducer with considerable torque, phenomenal high quality, and a long life expectancy.

Straight Drive Operation: The reducer is driven directly, making smooth and efficient operation.

Double-Layer Soundproof Receptacle: A double-layer hopper contributes to a quieter functional setting.

Rotatable Set Knife: The fixed blade can be turned and utilized four times before regrinding, optimizing its lifespan and decreasing downtime.

Unique Front Relocating Knife Layout: A specially created front relocating knife removes the demand to readjust the gap between the moving and repaired blades after regrinding, lessening downtime and enhancing functional effectiveness.

Experience the cutting-edge innovation and thoughtful style of Wensui’s machine-side slow-speed crushers, where efficiency fulfills easy-to-use performance.