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Come and know more about plastic vacuum loader 

hopper for loader

Components of a plastic vacuum loader

Control Device 1. Motor. 2. Sealed Hopper. 3. Blanking Device. 4. Filter. 5. Check Valve. 6. Air Filter. 

vacuum hopper loader

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly operation and maintenance.

  2. Fully automatic computerized operation program.

  3. Stainless steel hopper for durability.

  4. Motor protection mechanism. 

  5. Automatic overload and material shortage alarms. 

  6. Separately designed main machine and material barrel for safety and ease of operation. 

  7. Independent filter device for efficient dust removal.

  8. Optional electric eye detection for 700 and 800G models.

Basic Operation:

Working Principle: plastic vacuum loader primarily operate on vacuum suction principles. The process involves creating negative pressure in the hopper cavity to draw material into it. In fully automatic microcomputer vacuum load machines, when material is lacking in the hopper, the microcomputer signals the motor to start vacuuming. Once a certain vacuum level is reached, material suction begins. After material suction is completed, the next cycle begins after a preparation time. When the hopper is full,the suction action stops, ensuring continuous material supply. 

hopper loader

Structural Design and Advantages:

Perfect Structural Design:

1. Open design structure for easy maintenance. 

2. Humanized alarm system with high-frequency flashlights for material shortage or failure alerts.

Stable Control System:

1.Microcomputer control system with working status indicator lights.

2. Microprocessor memory for data retention even during power outages. 

3. Ability to control multiple plastic loader hoppers and a main fan station for central feeding and conveying systems. 

auto hopper loader

Efficient Automated Operation:

1. Prompt and accurate transport of plastic raw materials to designated locations. 

2. Prevention of production shutdowns due to material shortages. 

3. Improved cleanliness and safety of the work environment.

Humanized Cleaning and Maintenance:

1.Independent filter body for easy cleaning and reduced dust clogging.

2. Stainless steel hopper and hopper filter design for quick and easy cleaning, avoiding secondary pollution of raw materials.