WSAL-400G Stand-alone plastic material Autoloader

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WSAL-400G Stand-alone plastic material Autoloader

Small-sized and lightweight – to be mounted directly onto the feeding port of the dryer or molding machine.

Controlled by a Microprocessor.

Designed with alarms for overloading and material shortage.

The 300G model adopts a high-speed brush motor for a smaller footprint and strong suction. Suitable to convey virgin materials.

The 400G model adopts a high-pressure blower for less noise and longer durability.

Featuring a cable controller for easy and quick adjustments.

Can be paired with a bag filter for wind.

plastic material Autoloader
plastic material Autoloader
Model WSAL-400G
Motor Type Induction
Specification 0.75kW/1HP 3Φ
Conveying Capacity(kg/h) 330
Pump Lift(m) 4
Static Wind Pressure(bar) 0.14
Storage Bin Volume(L) 10
Conveying Tube Inner Diameter(mm) Φ38
Size of Standard Hose Φ38mm×4m 1pcs
Power Supply 3Φ 380VAC 50Hz
Dimension(cm) L×W×H 45×37×66
Net Weight(kg) 27

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