VPL Powder Plastic Material Autoloader

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VPL Powder Plastic Material Autoloader

Controlled by a microprocessor and buttons with a simple user interface.

Adopted a high-pressure pump for less noise and easy installation.

The large conveying capacity can feed from one to one and up to one to four.

Equipped with dust separator and dust collecting bin, both are easy to clean and maintain.

Featuring a blowback valve to clean the hopper automatically while enhancing air conveying.

Equipped with an indicator light to show the working status or any faulty status.

vacuum hopper loader
vacuum hopper loader


Plastic Material Autoloader
Plastic Material Autoloader


Power(HP) 3 5 7.5 10
Conveying Capacity(kg/h) 300 500 800 1100
Pump Lift(m) 4 4 4 5
Static Wind Pressure(bar) 0.28 0.31 0.41 0.44
Storage Bin Volume(L) 24 24 24 24
Conveying Tube Inner Diameter(mm) Φ51 Φ51 Φ51 Φ51
Size of Standard Hoses Φ51mm×4m 2pcs Φ51mm×4m 1pcs   Φ63mm×4m 1pcs
Dimension(L×W×H)(cm) 52×43×123 52×43×123 60×47×160 60×47×160

Power supply: 3Φ 380VAC 50Hz

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.