Multi-hopper Vacuum Loaders For Plastic Pellets

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Multi-hopper Vacuum Loaders For Plastic Pellets

Only one host loader is needed to feed to several hoppers to save cost and space.

Vacuum hopper and photoelectric sensor hopper are available.

Applicable for drying and conveying into a central feeding system. The simple structure is easy to operate and increases efficiency.

Controlled by a fully automatic microcomputer.

Integrated control system for an easy and safe operation.

Low maintenance.

Multi-hopper Loaders
Multi-hopper Loaders
hopper Loaders
hopper Loaders
Model WSAL-1.5HP-2 WSAL-2HP-3 WSAL-3HP-4
Motor 1.5 1.5 2.2
Conveying Capacity(kg/h) 600 600 750
Pump Lift(m) 4 4 5
Static Wind Pressure(bar) 0.25 0.25 0.28
Storage Bin Volume(L) and Number of Bin 6×2 6×3 6×4
Conveying Tube Inner Diameter(mm) Φ38 Φ38 Φ38
Size of Standard Hose Φ38mm×4m 4pcs Φ38mm×4m 6pcs Φ38mm×5m 8pcs


Main Unit 66×40×95 66×40×95 66×40×110
Hopper 28×34×43 28×34×43 28×34×43
Net Weight (kg) 85 98 120

The test raw material is ABS. The pseudo specific gravity is calculated as 0.65.

Power supply: 3Φ 380VAC 50Hz

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.