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Factors Affecting the Customization of Hard Plastic Crushers 

Hard Plastic Crushers

This guide is intended for individuals who are new to hard plastic crushers or unfamiliar with the specifics of these machines.Hard plastic crushers come in various sizes and specifications, and their prices can vary significantly. Additionally, different types of knives are used for different materials. How should you choose the right combination? To enhance production volume and automation, Wensui Group offers the following insights on customizing crusher machine for plastic

crusher machine for plastic

1. Customizing Your Plasticcrushing machine: Select the appropriate model based on the tonnage of material you need to crush per hour. The models of Wensui industrial crusher range from 230, 300, 400, 500, 600, to 800. If none of these models fit your needs, customized production is an option

2.Choosing the Right Knives for Different Materials: To achieve uniform crushing, different knife types should be used based on the material:

  1. Plastic Films: Use an eight-shaped knife.

  2. Thick and Hard Materials: A claw knife type is ideal.

  3. Blow Molding and Extrusion Products: A flat knife type works best.

  4. Ordinary Plastic Products: Use a standard blade.

Industrial Crusher Machine

3. Auxiliary Equipment for Custom Industrial Crusher Machine: Depending on your needs, various auxiliary equipment can be paired with your crusher machine for sale to enhance automation and productivity. These include: Vertical Plastic Granule Mixers, Horizontal Powder Mixers, Screw Feeders Automatic Loader Machines. By integrating these devices, you can automate production and increase operational efficiency. 

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4. Summary of Customization Factors:In summary, the key factors affecting the customization of hard plastic crushers include the model and hourly output, the type of blades, and the auxiliary equipment. Understanding these aspects will help you discuss manufacturing timelines, logistics, delivery schedules, and pricing with manufacturers. This knowledge will facilitate better communication and help you make informed decisions regarding your plastic crusher needs.