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What Are the Benefits of PET Crystallizer?

PET crystallization machine

In the field of plastic processing, PET is a widely used thermoplastic polymer, the resin quality directly affects the finished product. The PET crystallization machine boasts innovative design concepts and excellent performance, providing a new solution for the crystallization and drying of raw PET materials.

PET Crystallizer

PET Crystallizer

Today, we are introducing PET crystallizer by Wensui VCR series. The advanced crystallization machines are specifically designed to convert amorphous PET raw material particles into a crystalline form, thereby facilitating high-quality drying treatment to achieve low moisture content. PET crystallizers are often integrated into the production of injection molding and blow molding. The crystallizer is used with other auxiliary equipment for plastic processing.

VCR series

PET crystallization machines can be used in conjunction with the following auxiliary equipment:

  • Automatic drying system for fillers. Composed of machines such as dryers, suction machines, and storage boxes, it achieves automated processing of raw materials.
  • Dehumidifier: VAC cold air mold dehumidifier, used to further reduce the moisture content of raw materials.
  • WSDA series cabinet dryer: suitable for drying different plastic materials. It is possible to dry materials of different materials and colors simultaneously.
VAC cold air mold dehumidifier


  • Finished product of high-qualityraw material: 

Effectively prevent raw materials from clumping and deformation to ensure high-quality output of raw materials.

  • Mixing hopper:

uniquely designed mixing blades and positioning rods to mix raw materials frequently and to break up clumps during the processing.

  • Continuousoperation:

 Automatically detect the internal temperature of the hopper to ensure the continuous output of high-quality crystalline raw materials.

  • Flexible processing methods:

It can be processed directly online or stored as crystalline raw materials after batch processing. Meet different raw material needs.

  • Design for safety and convenient cleaning:

Access door and movable key bottom design. Allow the mixer to be moved away from the top or bottom for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Wensui VCR PET crystallizer

PET Crystallizer Supplier

Integrating a Wensui PET crystallization machine into your plastic production leads to an efficient, intelligent, and safe crystallization process. It can not only improve your production efficiency, but also ensure product quality. Simplify the operation process and reduce maintenance costs. Through Wensui’s innovative technology, let’s move towards a new era of more efficient and environmentally friendly plastic processing together.