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What are industrial chillers used for?

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An industrial chiller is a cooling equipment that provides constant temperature control for plastic processing. Chillers are also used to optimize cooling efficiency. Temperature control units are often used for industrial applications with four main purposes.

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High Quality of Finished Product

For plastic processing, the control of mold temperature has a direct impact on the surface smoothness of the finished product. The chiller precisely controls the mold temperature, ensuring a smooth finish and reducing defects caused by temperature fluctuations. After using the chiller, the surface smoothness of the product has been significantly improved, thereby enhancing the appearance quality and market competitiveness of the product.

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Less Defects

In high temperature environments, plastic molded products are prone to creases or warpage which further affect the performance and lifespan of the product. The chiller reduces the thermal stress of the product during the molding process by precisely controlling the mold temperature, effectively avoiding wrinkles or other injection molding defects. Integration an industrial chiller to your plastic production helps to increase the quality and lifespan of the product.

Consistent Product Size

The stability of mold temperature has a significant impact on the dimensional accuracy of products. The chiller consistently controls the mold temperature, ensuring the size of the product is uniform and reducing size changes caused by temperature fluctuations. The dimensional accuracy of the product has been significantly improved, meeting the high requirements of customers for product quality.

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Easy Demolding

In high-temperature environments, products are prone to adhesion with molds, resulting in difficulty in demolding. The chiller reduces the adhesion between the product and the mold by lowering the mold temperature, making the demolding process faster and easier. By using a chiller, the demolding efficiency has been improved and the defect rate in the production process has been reduced.

High Productivity

The chiller reduces the cooling time of the product and improves production efficiency by accurately controlling the mold temperature. At the same time, the chiller can also help to reduce downtime caused by high temperatures, further improving the stability of the production.

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Industrial Chiller Supplier

With the continuous advancement of global industrialization, industrial chillers have played a crucial role within the plastics and rubber industry. The demand for cooling equipment in the plastic processing industry will continue to increase, ensuring high product quality and operational efficiency. At Wensui, we provide air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with low to high refrigeration capacities. Share your injection or blow molding machine requirements with us and we will deliver the best chiller to you.