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Self-contained Autoloader for Efficient Material Conveying

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As the industrial automation progresses and improves, China’s plastics processing field has continuously raised the standards for excellent production. The integration of automated systems enables more consistent quality control across various manufacturing processes. Automation equipment such as vacuum loaders and receiving hoppers streamline the handling of raw materials by automatically feeding them into processing machines, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing errors. The Wensui WSAL 300G/400G stand-alone autoloader plays an important role in conveying materials efficiently.

stand-alone autoloader

How Do Loaders Work?

The loaders are supported by the vacuum negative pressure principle. In this process, raw materials are sucked out of the container and conveyed to the processing equipment. The system creates a vacuum within the loader, generating negative pressure that draws the materials into a transfer tube. Once inside, the materials are transported through the tube and delivered to the designated processing machinery.

This method ensures continuous and contamination-free transfer of materials, significantly enhancing production efficiency and maintaining high standards of material quality. The energy-saving working mode greatly improves production efficiency and reduces manual labor costs. The autoloader has two types of motors, including carbon brush type and induction type.

Unique Features:

  • Compact andlight weight, can be directly mounted on dryer or other raw material containers to complete the automatic feeding work.
  • Microcomputer operation control program.
  • Overloading andlack of material alarm.
  • 300G adopts high-speed rectifier motor, which is small in size and strong in suction, and is suitable for conveying new materials.The 400G adopts an induction high-pressure fan, which has less noise and long life.
  • Controlled by a wire controller, which can be set and controlled under the machine, which is convenient and fast.
  • Optional exhaust filter bag.

Autoloader Applications

The autoloader is used to convey raw materials for injection molding or blow molding. Loaders can automatically feed resins to the throat of the plastic processing machine. The conveying machine is equipped with a high-pressure fan and central vacuum hoppers, making it compatible for further processing such as dehumidification or drying. It can greatly save space and cost, and also be upgraded to multiple molding machines.

Autoloader Supplier

The Wensui independent autoloader has become an important auxiliary tool for plastic productions. It plays an increasingly important role in promoting industrial feeding process. At Wensui, we offer a wide range of material conveying equipment from self-contained loaders to multi-hopper loaders.

Looking for a self-contained autoloader for efficient material conveying? Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We will provide you with a free quotation.