WSDD Hot Air-recycling Plastic Material Hopper Dryer

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WSDD Hot Air-recycling Plastic Material Hopper Dryer

Added an eco-friendly feature of including a hose to re-circulate airflow.

Designed with an internal hot air circulation system to reduce 15-30% heat lost.

Thermal energy is centralized to eliminate moisture in the air and speed up the drying process.

With the dryer’s complete seal design, the drying process can filter out dust and prevent air pollution and overheating.

Special filter for high heat protection.

material dryer


Working Principle

The hot air released from the heater pipes gets transferred to the material. Simultaneously, the moisture gets removed and blown into the collector. The collector filters out dust and powder. The remainder of the hot air would be reused and get blown back to the dryer for another cycle.


WSDD hopper dryer
WSDD hopper dryer
  • Recycle Hose Specifications
    Model Compatible Hopper Dryer Model Hose Diameter(mm)
    EP-12 DB12 Φ50.8
    EP-25 DB25 Φ63.5
    EP-100 DB50-DB100 Φ63.5
    EP-200 DB150-DB200 Φ101.6
    EP-400 DB300-DB400 Φ101.6
    EP-600 DB600 Φ101.6

    Note: If recycle hose EP12 adds to hopper dryer DB12,  the standard blower of DB12 is required to be changed to high

    temperature blower.

    EURO Hose Air Collector

    Model Compatible Hopper

    Dryer Model

    Blower Side-hose


    Hose Side-hose


    VEP100 VDB50-VDB100 Φ76 Φ63.5
    VEP300 VDB150-VDB600 Φ101.6 Φ101.6

    Note: If recycle hose VEP300 adds to euro hopper dryer VDB600,  the standard blower of VDB600 is required to be changed to high

    temperature blower.