WSDA Cabinet Air Drying Tray Dryer For Sale

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WSDA Cabinet Air Drying Tray Dryer For Sale

Applicable to dry all types of plastic materials with different textures and colors. Designed particularly for materials with high temperature requirement, small amount, and multi-color. Can be used for preheating and drying materials during the production of food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more.

Adopted the P.I.D. control system to control the drying temperature precisely.

Temperature and timer control in one unit for easy and convenient setting.

Installed with premium heat insulating material and complete sealed structure design to preserve energy.

Adjustable air inlet.

Equipped with motor overload protector and phase controller.

plastic dryer machine
plastic dryer machine


Working Principle

Firstly, place materials onto the moveable trays. During operation, the air will travel through the air inlet and get warmed up by the heating wires. Then the air will flow through a layer with holes. The moist air is removed by the blower located on the top. This cycle is repeated until the effects of drying and dehumidifying are achieved.


Dryer For Sale
Dryer For Sale
Model Power(kW) Blower





of Tray





Net Weight


WSDA-5 6 0.75 200 5 45 92×69×138 154
WSDA-9 6 0.75 200 9 80 92×69×175 190
WSDA-20 12 1.5 200 20 180 166×69×195 315

Tray Dimensions:57.6x48x125px

The capacity is based on testing of PA6 granule.

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.