Industrial Autoloading and Drying System Solutions

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Industrial Autoloading and Drying System Solutions

The autoloading and drying system consists of a dryer, loader, material storage bin, suction box and supporting frame. The production system starts with a Stand-alone Autoloader, WSAL-300G, conveying the material from a storage bin to a dryer for heating and drying. The second step consists of a Separate-hopper Autoloader, WSAL-1.5HP, feeding the dried material into the injection molding machine.

Optimal combination of dryer and loader to maximize production efficiency.

Saves space and avoids exceeding the potential workshop height limit.

Convenient to change materials and cleaning.

Moveable and easy to operate.

Description Model  Dimension L×W×H(cm) Compatible Models
L Frame FR-L Customize All
A Frame FR-A Customize All
Single Suction Box SB-1 34×17×16 All
Dual Suction Box SB-2 34×17×16 All
Dust Collector DC-1 23×23×70 DB12-DB100
Dust Collector DC-2 27×23×88 DB150-DB800
Description Model Capacity (kg) Dimension L×W×H (cm)
Material Storage Bin RT-25 25 43×43×87
RT-50 50 48×48×102
RT-75 75 58×58×102
RT-100 100 67×67×104
RT-150 150 72×72×121
RT-200 200 79×79×129
RT-300 300 88×88×150
RT-500 500 103×103×175
RT-1000 1000 127×127×219
Description Model Number of Magnet Max. Temp. (°C) Dimension





Magnetic Separator

MS-02 2 200 165×165×45 DB12-DB50
MS-03 3 200×200×45 DB75-DB200
MS-04 4 275×275×45 DB200-DB800

Magnetic Separator

MS-07 7 180×200×80 DB12-DB25
MS-09 9 230×240×80 DB50-DB100
MS-11 11 280×270×80 DB200
   MS-13 13 330×350×80 DB400-DB800

We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.