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Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Dryers

Plastic Dryers

With the increasing requirements for product quality and precision in the plastic industry, there is a higher demand for drying treatment of plastic materials. The dryers can effectively remove moisture and volatile substances from plastic materials, eliminating humidity to meet various requirements in the production of plastic processing.

WSBD Standard Hopper Dryer

The Wensui WSDB standard hopper dryer is an efficient and stable material drying equipment. The WSDB series adopts advanced drying technology and design concepts, ensuring materials are uniformly heated during the drying process. The dryer can not only effectively remove excess moisture in the materials, but also avoid the occurrence of overheating. By precisely controlling the drying temperature and time, efficient drying of materials can be achieved to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Hopper Dryer

Working Principle of Dryers

The WSDB series operates on the principle of hot air circulation, where the heated air is passed through a heating device to a certain temperature before being introduced into the drying chamber. The material is in full contact with hot air in the drying room, achieving thermal conduction and convective drying. At the same time, the humid air in the drying room is discharged through a circulating fan to maintain a low level of humidity. After a certain period of drying treatment, excess moisture in the material is removed to achieve the required drying effect.


  • Material contact parts are made of stainless steel.
  • Precise die cast aluminum housing with smooth surface and good heat preservation.
  • Adopted low noise blower, and the optional air filter ensures material purity.
  • Proportional deviation display thermostat controls temperature accurately.
  • Material bin is installed with glass for inspection.
  • Curved heating cylinder is designed to avoid powder jamming and overheating.
  • Hopper is designed for easy opening, suitable for all robots.
Standard Hopper Dryer


  • Standard hopper dryers are used to dry materials of which the required drying temperature isno more than 130℃. If the required temperature is more than 130℃, customized high temperature type is available (Max 180℃-200℃).
  • Clearing the hopper: The hopper dryer should be cleared up after a period of using. Mainlythe separator needs to clear.
  • If temperature is set too high and there is blockage on the separator, please remove itlittle by little. No force, such as a hammer, is allowed.
  • Turn off the fan 10 minutes later after the heater is off.
  • High temperature limit devices are adopted and temperature higher than 130℃ is not allowed.
WSDB standard dryer

The WSDB standard dryer help plastic processors to achieve efficient and stable material drying, improving product quality and production efficiency. The Wensui WSDB hopper dryer is a reliable addition to your plastic processing production. We offer a wide range of resin drying equipment, contact us today for your material drying solution.