SCARA Industrial Robot Complete Solution for injection molding

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SCARA Industrial Robot Complete Solution for injection molding



Automatic calibration of vision and robot.

Fast programming

Robot cycle (1 IR-100-3-402): 0.49S (1kg load)



Compatible with mainstream visual communication brands.

Smart analysis for target recognition

Excellent variable acceleration and variable speed control.

Robot for injection molding
Robot for injection molding
 Industrial Robot
Industrial Robot
Electric Cabinet Model IRCB10-A4S-4111
Lnstallation Method Mount on Table
Mechanical Arm Length 1st+2nd Arm 400mm
Arm #1 225mm
Arm #1 175mm
Maximum Speed of Movement 1st+2nd Joints 6000mm/s
Joint #3 1100mm/s
Joint #4 2600deg/s
Maximum Speed of Movement J1 ±132°
J2 ±141°
J3 150mm(120mm)
J4 ±360°
Repeatability 1st+2nd Joints ±0.01mm
Joint #3 ±0.01mm
Joint #4 ±0.01deg
Transportable Weight(Load) Rated 1kg
Maximum 3kg
Jpint#4 Rated 0.005kg ﹒㎡
Allowable Loading Inertia Maximum 0.05kg ﹒㎡
Standard Cycle Time Load 1kg 0.49s
Clamp End Diameter Installation Φ16mm
Hollow Φ9mm
Mounting Holes 120×120mm
Body Weight(Without Cable Weight) 13kg

Under the load of 1.5kg, the horizontal arm length is less than 300mm, and the upper and lower strole is 120mm for optimal working condition;

If the center of gravity of the load and the position of the center of gravity of the 4th axis are inconsistent, please consult us; meet the ISO4 clean standard.

We  reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.