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WSQF mixer, a guarantee of quality

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In the competitive plastics manufacturing industry, improving production efficiency and product quality is the goal pursued by enterprises. In this process, the Wensui WSQF vertical stirrer has been favoured by many enterprises with its outstanding performance and excellent quality, which brings significant economic benefits.

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Working Principle:

The screw of the WSQF vertical stirrer rotates rapidly to lift the raw materials from the bottom of the barrel from the centre to the top, and then scatters them in an umbrella shape, back to the bottom, so that the raw materials are rolled up and down and stirred in the barrel, and a large number of raw materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.

Wensui stirrer consists of a motor wheel, electric motor, screw, pulley, electrical box and other components, in addition to the following performance characteristics.

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Performance characteristics

  1. Screw circulation mixing. Let the raw materials achieve more uniformity and speed in the mixing process to improve production efficiency.

  2. Wide range of applications. Applicable to a variety of plastic raw materials and masterbatch mixing and stirring, new and old materials and masterbatch mixing are more effective.

  3. The key parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel. Not only ensures its corrosion resistance but is also easy to clean, improves the service life of the equipment, and reduces maintenance costs.

  4. The equipment is equipped with an electric safety protection device. Ensure the safety of the operation process, effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, and protect the safety of the production site.

  5. Adopt lower bearing design. Reduce material pollution, maintain the purity of the product, and at the same time extend the service life of the bearings and reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

  6. In addition, users can also customize the heating function according to production needs, making the mixing process more efficient and energy-saving to meet the individual requirements of different production needs.

WSQF stirrer wins customers’ trust with excellent performance and high-quality service and is well-received in the industry. We warmly welcome enterprises from all walks of life to cooperate with us and customize the most suitable solutions for you according to your needs.