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Important Components of Crushers

Crusher accessories

Crusher accessories play a crucial role in the overall functionality and efficiency of the size reduction process. Each accessory is designed to fulfill a specific function, ensuring high crushing performance. Regular maintenance and inspection of crusher accessories can improve the efficiency of the crusher.

plastic crusher Screen

Crusher accessories:

  1. Blades: Crusher blades are essential components that directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the crushing process. Their sharpness and durability ensure precise and consistent size reduction, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of the final product and the smooth operation of the equipment.
  2. Rotor: the rotoris the core component of the crusher,supporting different crusher components such as stationary and rotor blades. The rotor needs to withstand greater impact and friction, so it needs to be made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel.
  3. Bearing seat: Bearing seat is an important supporting part of the crusher, which can fix the main shaft and transmit power. Thebearing housing must withstand large loads and impacts, so it must be made of high-strength, wear-resistant steel.
  4. Screen: A screen is used to determinethe output size of the crushed plastic particles,ensuring that the regrinds meet the size requirements. The screen is generally made of stainless steel.
  5. Transmission device: The transmission device, including the motor, pulley and other components, can transfer the power to the main shaft of the crusher to be used for crushing operations. The transmission device needs to ensure stability and reliability to avoid affecting the normal operation of the crusher.
  6. Lubrication system: The lubrication system can provide lubrication for the bearings and other moving parts of the crusher to reduce friction and wear and improve the service life of the crusher. The lubrication system generally includes lubricant, oil circuit and other components.

The above are the related accessories of the crusher, which play an important role in crushing materials. Understanding and maintaining them well can prolong the service life of the crusher, and can also provide high cutting efficiency. At Wensui, we are a reliable manufacturer for industrial crushers and spare parts. Whether you are looking for a new crusher or spare parts for maintenance, we have the right machines and tools for you.